Our Story

What was life like before you opened a gym?

Disenchanted. Gyms in our city seem to carry this uninspiring ambience that you find in traditional gyms and therefore we believe an absence of fitness seems to plague our community. Prior to becoming Crossfit athletes, it was tough to find a facility that energized our quest to becoming better physically and create sustaining workouts. None of the gyms offered a genuinely gratifying experience or truly challenged us outside of our comfort zone. Although there are a few other Crossfit affiliates, the crossfit movement hasn’t quite had it’s proper introduction within our community.

What happened that made you want to open your gym?

We wanted to provide that missing component of inspiration our community has been short of and get in between those eager to learn and those that are experienced with a facility that is welcoming and attractive by channeling through an insightful and professional coaching staff. We wanted to offer a facility that embodies state of the art equipment and utilizes the latest technology to make the pursuit much more exciting for it’s members to ultimately allow a lasting relationship with a healthy lifestyle. We wanted to create a team that is determined to share their knowledge with clients and bring awareness through various campaigns within our community by introducing CrossFit via community events, workshops, and seminars. We’re ultimately focused on growth from all levels (members, community, etc) and want to offer a diverse assortment of classes with quality service in mind.

Any obstacles you’ve overcome relative to your gym?

Starting up has been a challenge as our gym is brand new in the local market and will be competing with other affiliates. The challenge thus far has been ensuring we select of quality equipment and coaching staff. We’ve researched other gyms and have tried to identify how we can set ourselves apart and optimize where they fall short. We’ve narrowed it down to our ability to actively engage with our members, utilize sophisticated equipment and limiting the size of classes. Other affiliates locally may offer a lower rate but the lack of engagement, class sizes and unmaintained equipment derail a quality experience someone may be seeking.

Why are you committed to running your gym?

We believe Crossfit saves lives. We’ve been a champion of the benefits it reaps and committed to creating the best opportunities for those seeking the same achievements. We have this strong ambition to change lives for the better. We want to become the premier gym in Laredo devoted to Crossfit and we’re committed to providing a quality experience from day one. Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to providing a dynamic experience for prospective fitness enthusiast considering pursuing a journey in crossfit. Were dedicated and passionate about spreading benefits of a healthy lifestyle through a multitude of community platforms. We’ve made it our mission to align coaching strategies with customer’s goals in order to assist in reaching their maximum fitness potential. By providing a state of the art facility and mechanisms to comfort a path to success for members, we’ve fostered a supportive environment and platform that strives on building it’s member knowledge base. Our team of highly skilled coaches ensure new advancements in fitness technology are implemented and effective through various introductory methods.Our goal is to set the precedent within the community for active and aspiring crossfit supporters. We are excited to integrate leading and diversified fitness techniques that produce sustaining impacts.